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A file processor for GRaphs, Ontology, Modelling, Interaction and Transformation

Gromit is a product developed by DigiFuga, on the basis of twenty years of IT experience. The purpose of Gromit is to provide organisations with an almost zero slope learning curve, which can allow for modelling, representing, analysing and transforming of information into a wide variety of formats like organisational charts, GANTT, flowcharts, Use Case Diagrams, and so on.

The result is an spreadsheet which contains a configuration template and datasheets (one per type) holding the actual information. The spreadsheet is submitted to a software component which reads it, and outputs a website containing clickable graphs to navigate the information, as well as an analysis on the coherence and completeness of the information. Another output form are PDF documents which can be set up and configured within the spreadsheet by using a built-in scripting language.

To date, Gromit is still a stand-alone application. An online version is currently developed.
However, a demo of input and output can be found here.

Gromit has been tested as a job description generator, a requirements management engine, a survey tool, a quality management application amongst others. The results amazed the customers and even the engineer!

The first intended commercial application of Gromit is SyRUP, a tool for IT project management
which outputs a project navigator and a set of generated RUP documents.

What Gromit does: an analogy

Take the human situation

Make a model (Gromit config) and provide the data

Gromit provides correct and complete navigation information to each actor

Gromit produces tailor-made output per target group in different formats

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