SyRUP is the ideal stepping stone for Small and Medium Businesses to bridge the gap between natural language and the industrial IT standards. It brings the project sponsor back in the driving seat.


The data-entry tool for SyRUP is a plain spreadsheet file. The basic template is available for free. You can adapt and extend it to fit your own needs. The spreadsheet contains both data (one sheet per information type) and configuration information.

The spreadsheet has a possibility to refer to external sheets, which makes it possible to publish different generated for different audiences, for instance public information during a tender phase, which excludes the evaluation of the candidates.

Generated website

SyRUP generates a complete stand-alone website which can be hosted straight away on your intranet. There is no server-interaction. The website holds clickable graphs representing the project items and their relationships, an index, a search engine and a report on completeness and coherence of the data.

SyRUP generates GANTT charts, organisational charts and Use Case Diagrams automatically.

Output formats

SyRUP outputs a wide variety of formats: SQL, XML and advanced PDF documents, for instance in the RUP standard: Project Vision, Iteration Plan, Use Case Specification, and so on. The RUP set is always coherent, as it is generated from a single source.

New reports are added regularly, and SyRUP has a built-in language to set up your own reports.

The SyRUP data can be imported in other project management platforms, which makes is an ideal tool at project initiation time.

SyRUP is readily available, and is an ideal companion tool to foster Software Developments projects from the problem identification to requirements engineering, to tendering, to selection, to project support in either waterfall of Agile / Scrum method.

About SyRUP

SyRUP is developed by Bas Dekker, a 43 year old Dutchman with 20 years of IT experience in project and team management. SyRUP is owned by Bas' self-owned company DigiFuga, and built on Gromit, a highly configurable Excel-based information analysis and representation framework developed in Perl.

Today, SyRUP is developed as a prototype. An online version is currently being developed, and funds are being raised to allow for upscaling and marketing.

Bas Dekker

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SyRUP Animated Presentation

Let Glenn Gould entertain you with the Pictures at the SyRUP Exhibition...

SyRUP: List-based IT Project Management from Bas Dekker on Vimeo.

An interactive project cartography

SyRUP motto


Below is a list of the main features of SyRUP in screenshots from the input file, the generated site and the PDF documents:

Explore and Enrich your Project Data

The SyRUP enabler

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